“Shake For Your Cake” strips blues down to its roots and rock down to its core in a tightly packaged record that works to refresh the listener in what honest music is."  NZ Musician 


"You'd think this one-man band thing wouldn't translate to record but here it does, and flies out of the speakers. Light the fuse and stand well clear."  elsewhere.co.nz


"Nick is a truly gifted musician with incredible dexterity and stamina, just the fact he can achieve this multi-instrumental performance is impressive, but the songs are so complete as well, they are very catchy and full of high energy blues that sound near faultless and in no way lacking from the absence of a full backing band."  Muzic.net.nz

CD Shake For Your Cake

SKU: stomptec003
  • 1. The Devil Likes To Boogie  2. Bee My Honey  3. Woolston Whiskey  4. Porter No More  5. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'  6. Coopers Creek  7. Lazy Boy  8. The Dust Is Blowing  9. Pray For Me Mama (I'm A One Man Band)  10. Somebody's Somebody