"This is so much the way that Blues should be played - solo and with huge heart and total integrity."  Blues Matters 


"..a signature sound that is tight, energetic, marked by solid grooves, and as big and loud as a few pipe bombs strapped to a petrol can." No Depression  


"The blues won't go away, and New Zealand has had its share of aspiring practitioners, but Stomping Nick really does stand out.  There's nothing worse than a polite blues, and Jackman's are suitably rude and raw – no effete displays of technique, the cardinal sin often committed in the name of the blues.  And yet, rawness doesn't equate with monotony – quite an achievement when you're in a band of one.  Perhaps because beneath this music's raw exterior there's no shortage of finesse.  Jackman is especially skillful on his harmonica, but his playing throughout this enjoyable album combines just the right measures of abandon and accomplishment."  Nick Bollinger, Radio New Zealand  


CD Punk Blues One Man Band

SKU: stomptec001
  • Track Listing: 1. One-man-band Fury 2. Feral Mama 3. Orange Blossom Special 4. Baby I'm Your Dog 5. Apple Wine 6. I'm Not The One 7. Black Betty 8. Word Gets Around 9. Sewerman 10. Preach the Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)